Thank you very much for your interest in becoming a Routes Auto Sales customer. We are proud to have created a quick, easy, and customer friendly buying experience!

How are we different?

This starts with our wholesale upfront pricing model. Unlike traditional used car dealerships, we believe in transparency. You will get our price, upfront before you ever even test drive the vehicle.

No more back and forth negotiations! Our goal is to take the pressure off buying a vehicle. We sell all our vehicles at true auction/wholesale price.

We DO NOT require you to finance with us! In fact, we encourage you to finance with your own bank or credit union. This way you will get the best rate available. Traditional dealerships mark up the rates they offer you to make money on your financing. In fact, they often make more money in financing, then they do on the car itself! That’s the reason traditional dealers advertise one price and increase it if you do not finance with them.

Non-Commission salespeople! The salesperson in front of you will be paid the same, no matter what price you pay. This assures our management, owners, and you, that they are not increasing the price we have our cars listed at. Traditional dealerships pay their salespeople commission in order to incentivize them to get customers to pay more, finance with them, and buy “back-end” products.

How do we get such low price?

We have 12 locations within the U.S. and Canada. We purchase a minimum of 300 cars for each. All vehicles are purchased at the same location, in large quantities from the auto manufacturers. Buying in this quantity gets us franchise pricing, plus discounts. After purchasing, the new cars are immediately transported to each of our rental locations.

To save money, we own the transport company that is used to deliver the new cars to all our locations.

A major part of the low price is renting cars. We already made our profit on the car you are looking at so, we don’t need to mark it up!

We used to simply sell our cars at the auction, and other dealers would buy them, mark up the price, add a dealer fee, require you to finance with them, then add additional fees. We now sell our cars for the same price we would get at the auction to you!

So, whether you’re shopping or selling, make sure to give us a call or visit!

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